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Our Trainers

"Growth only occurs outside of your comfort zone"

The Jumper Ring has five trainers who work closely together. Although they are spread between our Ohio and Florida locations, our trainers communicate regularly and work together in order to offer top-of-the-line lessons and training for riders and horses. Each client/horse is given a training plan to best suit their current needs and future goals. Interested in a custom training plan? Give us a call!


Our Story

The Jumper Ring story begins in 2015 at a small barn in Hartville, Ohio. Sara began teaching lessons and accepting training clients. As the program grew, an opportunity up the hill presented itself. Sara and Eric Ring purchased what is now our Ohio location in 2017. For four years The Jumper Ring grew and then in 2021, Sara and Shannon merged their two programs into one, and The Jumper Ring doubled in size. In 2022, Sara and Eric purchased a farm in Ocala, Florida and The Jumper Ring South was born. With Shannon managing the Ohio location, Sara growing the southern location, and multiple trainers between the two, we are so proud to offer countless showing, training, and learning opportunities to our clients.

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