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Annual Horse Shows

The Jumper Ring offers show opportunities for riders of all ages and experience levels. Aside from our two annual home shows, we travel to many local shows as well as A-Rated shows across the East Coast.

For any questions regarding shows, please contact us by email or

2023 Show Schedule
February: WEC Ocala
April 11-16th: WEC Wilmington
May 5-7th: Brave Horse
May 13-14th: Hinckley Schooling Show
June 17-24th Florida Schooling Trip
July 6-9th: Chagrin Valley Farms
July 18-23rd: WEC Wilmington
August 8-13th WEC Wilmington
August 26-27th Hinckley Schooling Show
September 25th-October 1st: HITS Culpepper VA
October 23rd-29th: Tryon NC
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