Annual Horse Shows

The Jumper Ring offers show opportunities for riders of all ages and experience levels. Aside from our two annual home shows, we travel to many local shows as well as A-Rated shows across the East Coast.

Each Summer, generally in August, our Open Show offers a weekend full of Hunter, Jumper, and Equitation classes.  Saturday Hunters offer ground poles up to 3' and include a Derby. Sunday Jumpers begin at 2' and runs through 3'6" followed by a Gambler's Choice class (2'6"-3'6")
New for 2021! Our Spring show will be held in March and is by invitation only, due to the size of our indoor. This show will be run in a similar format to the Lake Erie Prix De Villes. Riders will compete in teams of 3 or 4. Saturday Hunters will all be given a numerical score and judged as equitation rounds. The best 3 scores will be counted for the final team placing. On Sunday, each team will ride two jumper courses. After both rounds, the team with the least faults wins. In the event of a tie, one rider will return and compete in a jump-off for the team. Only one professional rider per team.

For any questions regarding shows, please contact our Horse Show Manager, Kristin Timko at 330-807-6812 or email

2021 Show Schedule
February 8-28: World Equestrian Center Ocala
April 14-18th: World Equestrian Center Wilmington
May 7-9th: Chagrin Valley Farms
June 1-6th: World Equestrian Center Wilmington
June 22-27th: Brave Horse
July 18-25th: World Equestrian Center Wilmington
August 1-8th: Kentucky Horse Park
August 15-16th: Home Show
August 24-29th: Brave Horse
September 8-12th Traverse City
September 28-Oct 3rd: World Equestrian Center Wilmington
October 9-13th: Quarter Horse Congress